Sealing Technology

ASALA FZE has developed Sealing Technology for the most demanding upstream applications. Our in-house design and development facility enhances our ability to customize sealing profiles and sealing materials in accordance with customer requirements. Our production facility enables us to produce seal from 5mm to 720mm diameter using CNC Making Machines. The production of these special size seals is from semi-finished Elastomers or Engineered plastics. We can therefore custom design and manufacturer seals for particularly most applications.

A. Sealing Technology






1 O-Ring & Back-up Ring Oil & Gas, Power Generation All Sizes Up to 2500 bar
2 Mechanical Seals Pumps, Motors, Rotating Shafts Up to 100 mm 10 bar
3 U Seals Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders, Bearing Seals, Oil / Grease Retainers. Up to 1500 mm Up to 700 bar
4 Flapper Seals Down-Hole & Well Services Up to 400 mm Up to 350 bar
5 Ring Joint Gaskets Well Head Components, BOP Units All Sizes As per requirements
6 V- Packing Down-Hole Tools, Chevron Seals, Otis Seals, Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Glands, Pistons, Valves Up to 1000 mm Up to 700 bar
7 Redress Kits for Down-Hole Tools Gas Lift Valves, Artificial Lifts 1" & 5" Up to 500 bar

B. Rubber Products for Oilfield

• Custom Made Profile
• Butterfly Valve Seat
• Gaskets
• Hammer Union Seals
• Packer Element
• Bellows
• Oilfield Wiper and other products

C. Artificial Lift Technology

• Top & Bottom Latches ASALA offers a wide range of latches for 1" and 1.5" OD. These latches are wire line retrievable latches that are utilized to lock devices into the side pocket mandrel. Latches are specifically designed to lock in place when located in either 180 degree or 360 degree latching pocket profile.
• Dummy Valves 1" and 1.5" OD Wire line Retrievable Dummy Valve is an isolation tool designed to blank communication between tubing and casing. This valve can be used any time to blank off a side pocket mandrel. Communication between tubing and casing is positively blanked off until the dummy valve is removed from the pocket by standard wire line procedures.

D. Fluid Power Engineering

• High and low pressure filtration and flushing systems for offshore, onshore drilling rigs, marine and other industrial sectors
• Power & Control Solutions
• Manufacturing high pressure air operated power units for hydrostatic testing application