Corrosion Monitoring

ASALA Oilfield Services FZE Offers a complete range of standard or custom made Corrosion Monitoring Coupons. ASALA corrosion coupons are an efficient, unique and creative tool designed for measuring the corrosion ratio in any operating system. ASALA Corrosion coupons are one of the simplest and most widely used methods of measuring corrosion. You can get an accurate and visual indication of the type of corrosion that may be occurring in the system being monitored. Our design was founded successful in the extreme working conditions of oil and gas fields, where avoidance of corrosion failures related to H2S, H20 and CO2 in the crude, gas and water streams has been a major design and operating requirement. Over the years we have continued to develop new equipment based on proven technology, to offer our clients reliable and affordable solutions to their corrosion risks We also supply Insulators, Stressed Coupons, Electrodes, Test Racks, Mechanical Test Specimen and Test Apparatus.

General Purpose Coupons

  • Flat (Strip) Coupons
  • Disc (Flush) Coupons
  • Scale Coupons
  • Cylindrical Coupons (Stems)
  • Coupon Holders
  • Insulators